Shipping Policy

Who are The Alux Company's shipping partners?
We only use 3 companies for our shipping purposes this includes Canada Post, UPS and FedEx.

How do I track my package?
All shipments will have an associated tracking number. Our Order Status page will keep you updated on your packages delivery.

What do you need to provide in order to make a successful delivery?
We would need you to provide us with your full address details that you fill out at the time of purchase. The pieces of information we request are:

Your Name
Your Number 
Address Line Item 1
Address Line Item 2 (optional)
Postal Code/Zip Code

Please note if your shipment is being delivered to an apartment, condominium, plaza, or any building/property with multiple units located at one address, a unit number must be provided in order to make a successful delivery. 

Will our package be delivered at our door?
By default your package will be available at your nearest Canada Post. If you would like your package to be delivered in another manner feel free to contact us at

If you have yet to receive my package but your Order Status says delivered, please contact us at

Why did my order get cancelled?
Your order could get cancelled for multiple reasons including, selling out, not passing a quality assurance test, not being able to ship to the particular address and more. Whatever the reason is, we will ensure to notify you why and immediately refund your purchase.

How do I cancel my order?
Please contact us as soon as possible at In your email give us a brief description of the reason for the cancel for our own records, this will not effect your return eligibility as you're permitted to cancel for any reason. If your product has already left our facility that means it is already on the way to being delivered. If that is the case we will need you to return the product back to our nearest warehouse and we can refund your purchase upon arrival. If your package is still at our facility we can cancel your purchase immediately. 

Shipping rates? 
There are none we will handle ALL the shipping & handling costs! Enjoy!

Return Policy
If you are not satisfied with your purchase, request a online return within 30 days after receiving your product. Your order must be shipped within 15 days after your return request in order to receive a full refund, please ensure your products have minimal damage, no defects and must be trackable. Debit and credit card refunds will only be processed to the same card number used for the original purchase. If your card number has changed please contact us at Returns@aluxcompany.comPersonal information is to be removed from any item before return shipment.

In your email give us a brief description of the reason for return for our own records, this will not effect your return eligibility as you're permitted to return for any reason within 30 days after receiving your item.