Why Us?

The Alux Company competitive advantage over its competitors is its customer service and product quality. As a company we want to give our customers the best customer experience when shopping at The Alux Company. The Live chat function on our website will ensure that our customers will be able to get assistance whenever needed. We also pride ourself on the quality of products. Each product goes through a strict quality control process to verify each item meets the standards of the company.

Payment Options
Which payment methods do you accept?
To ensure a smooth transaction we try to accept multiple payment methods.  If we are missing your payment method, or would like to pay with an alternative method please feel free to contact us at sales@aluxcompany.com and we will try our best to accommodate your request.

Managing Your Orders
Need help returning your purchase?
Visit our Shipping & Returns page!

Out of Stock or Cannot Find Your Item?
Please feel free to email us at sales@aluxcompany.com we allow customers to place back orders, request items.

Warranty Information
Warranty information changes by brand and product, for more details please visit the companies website or ask us directly at sales@aluxcompany.com.

Buying in Bulk?
Buying in bulk can result in big savings! If you are a company looking to buy multiple units please feel free to contact us at sales@aluxcompany.com. 
Our sales team will be happy to get you a quote!

We have a few warehouses located throughout Canada where we operate from. We used to operate via local stores and found the shift to E-Commerce had nearly eliminated the smaller guys and thus decided to operate from our warehouses. 

We've begun our mission to serve the people of the United States as well. For general information please contact us.